Sunday, February 22, 2015

Body By Derby: Gender Non-Conforming

Body By Derby is a figure study of active derby athletes to show the different body types of active skaters and the physical effects derby has on the players. This entry features derby athletes who identify as butch, trans*, gender non-conforming, or intersex of any variance.  These skaters represent Ann Arbor Derby Dimes, Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby, Ohio Roller Girls, Providence Roller Derby, and our hosts Windy City Rollers. More pictures can be found at Cory's website. Get future updates on Facebook by following The Rollergirl Project.

From Left: Rogue Scholar, Melicious Mischief, Zoe Trocious, The Smacktivist, Trannie Oakley, June Gloom, Val Capone and Ms Dr Joseph L Simonis

BBD-0392 Name Rogue Scholar
League Affiliation Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby
Gender Identity Genderqueer
Age 23
Children None
Height 5' 4"
Weight 145 lbs
Weight before derby 140 lbs
Started 2013
Key Position Jammer & Offensive Blocker
Practice time per week 7 hours
Other Workout I do cardio, run occasionally, and weight training.
Diet Vegetarian. I try to get as much protein as I can but eat whatever I want.
Laps in 5 minutes 30 laps in 5 min
Previous Athletic Experience Mostly running. I started off with cross country and track, moved on to 1/2 marathons and one marathon.

BBD-0479 Name Melicious Mischief
League Affiliation Ann Arbor Derby Dimes
Gender Identity I am a trans-women and derby has helped me make so much more of myself then I ever thought I would be.
Age 25
Children 2 kids, ages 6 and 5
Height 5’ 9''
Weight 200 lbs
Weight before derby 220 lbs
Started August 2014
Key Position Jammer & Defensive Blocker
Practice time per week 10 hours
Other Workout Wait there are other ways to workout besides derby?
Diet Food.
Laps in 5 minutes 28 laps in 5 min
Previous Athletic Experience Does the military count as athletic experience?

BBD-0184 Name Zoe Trocious
League Affiliation Windy City Rollers
Age 34
Children None
Height 5' 6"
Weight 140 lbs
Weight before derby 130 lbs
Started 2009
Key Position Jammer
Practice time per week 8 to 10 hours
Other Workout Weights, plyometrics, running.
Diet I eat as many calories as possible, in every variety.
Laps in 5 minutes
Previous Athletic Experience I ran cross country and track in high school and played rugby in college.

BBD-0492 Name The Smacktivist
League Affiliation Ohio Roller Girls
Gender Identity Non-binary, genderfluid. I use they/them pronouns. I am this AND that.
Age 23
Children None
Height 5' 4"
Weight ??
Weight before derby ??
Started Fall of 2011
Key Position Jammer
Practice time per week 6 to 8 hours
Other Workout I'm a bike commuter, plus I hit the gym for weight lifting 5-6 times per week.
Diet I'm vegan and gluten free.
Laps in 5 minutes 33 laps in 5 min
Previous Athletic Experience Development swim team, youth soft ball, youth travel soccer, school cross country and track, roller hockey, tier I AAA travel ice hockey.

BBD-0303 Name Trannie Oakley
League Affiliation Providence Roller Derby
Gender Identity I identify as a trans woman, and use the pronouns she, and her.
Age 33
Children None
Height 5' 10”
Weight 190 lbs
Weight before derby 175 lbs
Started Summer 2013
Key Position Defensive Blocker
Practice time per week 11 hours
Other Workout Four hours cardio / week
Diet Ha. No.. I try to but I’m not very good about it.
Laps in 5 minutes 32 laps in 5 min
Previous Athletic Experience Soccer in childhood through high school, and I wrestled four years in high school.

BBD-0425 Name June Gloom
League Affiliation Windy City Rollers
Gender Identity I identify as transgender, exist as transfeminine, and am a trans lady. My pronouns are context specific: I'm generally indifferent, but in female spaces, I require female pronouns.
Age 28
Children None
Height 6’ 7”
Weight 270 lbs
Weight before derby 200 lbs
Started 2011
Key Position Offensive Blocker & Defensive Blocker
Practice time per week 8 hours
Other Workout I attend a Kettlebells class, jump rope, and bike.
Diet N/A
Laps in 5 minutes 29 laps in 5 min
Previous Athletic Experience Not much beyond Junior Varsity Volleyball

BBD-0331 Name Val Capone
League Affiliation Windy City Rollers
Age 36
Children None
Height 5' 9"
Weight 179 lbs
Weight before derby 226 lbs
Started July 2004
Key Position Offensive & Defensive Blocker
Practice time per week Depending on work schedule, I skate 3-5 practices a week plus coach one
Other Workout I'm a gym rat and love the free weights. I also speed skate Saturday mornings before the sun comes up. It's a love/hate relationship, for sure.
Diet Well, because I have Crohn's I'm on a special "try it!" Basically it's a try it and see if it works diet? I used to be the queen of the all you can eat buffet, but now I get full before even finishing a sandwich. I can't have any red meat, which is a bit of a heartbreaker, but I can have cheese, thankfully. I was also told that I shouldn't have sushi, but that ban will be lifted on my birthday this Friday, per doctors orders, of course.
I drink a lot of Muscle Milk protein shakes and eat a lot of applesauce squeezers. I'm, essentially, on a toddlers diet. Today's lunch at work consisted of half a grilled cheese sandwich, a few bites of mashed potatoes and about three green beans, ha. It's a work in progress to say the least...
Laps in 5 minutes n/a-I'll be redoing this soon once I get full clearance, but I couldn't tell you off the top of my head
Previous Athletic Experience I've been weight lifting since I was 14 years old and I've been a bowler my entire life, ha. I actually have a couple of giant trophies atop my fridge. I've also been roller skating since I was about 6 or 7 years old.

BBD-0208 Name Ms Dr Joseph L Simonis
League Affiliation Windy City Rollers
Gender Identity To be honest, I try to avoid giving people identity labels about my gender (ditto sexuality) as much as possible. I would much rather exist than try to describe my existence with necessarily limiting terms. But I also realize that most of society works from gender labels (and in particular, a binary set of options), and so I have a cultivated set of functional identity labels that I use to describe my gender, depending on the situation, including "myself", "woman", "transgender", "genderqueer", "queer", "genderfluid", "agender", "butch", "non-binary", and "neutrois", amongst others.
Age 30
Children None
Height 6' 2"
Weight ~190 lbs
Weight before derby ~190 lbs
Started May 2012
Key Position Jammer
Practice time per week 10 to 15 hours
Other Workout Lots of off skates workouts, interval training mostly. I like beach running and hill running.
Diet I'm a vegetarian and I'm pretty lactose intolerant.
Laps in 5 minutes I think it was 32 in 5? We don't test laps that often, I just 30.5 coming out of offseason.
Previous Athletic Experience I definitely grew up in an athletic household. I started playing organized sports when I was five years old (soccer and baseball, although I dropped soccer pretty quickly). I played baseball for 12 years, played football for 8 years, wrestled for 6 years, and also played a few seasons of basketball and track, as well. I was pretty serious with sports through high school and was recruited to wrestle in college (at a few D3 schools, not big programs), but stopped playing organized sports after high school. I was still physically active in college and grad school but mostly just worked out at the gym, although I did also play intramural soccer and picked up rock climbing.