Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Body in Motion: Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby

This series of photographs are dedicated to showing real derby skater bodies without pretense and without apology.  Our focus is on practice time, where the real work happens.  The drills are real.  The sweat is real.  The hits are real.  This set features skaters from Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby.  Additional photos can be found on Cory’s Flickr album.  Get future updates on Facebook by following The Rollergirl Project.




I used to think that stomachs weren't supposed to have any rolls at all, because I never saw rolls on a single damn stomach in the mainstream media. Ridiculous! I mostly follow independent/queer media now, because it's so significant to me to see people with all kinds of bodies who feel comfortable and confident, and are willing to be visible. Images like that have helped to give me a context to see my own body as being a good body, and helped give me context to love it. I think the more images exist of people being happy with our bodies, the better, so hopefully doing these photos and showing that we feel good in our bodies is a step towards paying it forward.

- JackJack Attack, 4 Year Veteran



I already see all of my teammates as strong and fierce, but participating in this project with this group made these individuals all seem even stronger to me. Part of that is probably their bravery in participating in the first place, but also seeing the photos afterward, especially the ones we looked through right after the shoot. Those raw photos captured all of the emotions we have when we play derby--frustration, determination, frustration, unexpected success, and the satisfaction of coordinated teamwork.

- Mauls Dolls, 5 Year Veteran












I wanted to participate in this because I think it's important to show that derby is a space where anyone can be an athlete regardless of whether or not you have what would traditionally be considered an "athletic" body. I want people to see my imperfect body and recognize that I'm an athlete.

- Mad-Eye Maggie, 4 Year Veteran



It is amazing how so many of us do not see our bodies as amazing and beautiful, even when we are doing these moves that might normally make us feel strong when we aren't thinking about the way our bellies or thighs look. I would love for our community to really embrace what our bodies look like underneath, to find those muscles that we work so hard to develop, even if we never get rid of our outer layers.

- Mauls Dolls, 5 Year Veteran













TRGP-6017 Tattoo Detail