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Body By Derby: Prairieland Punishers

Body By Derby is a figure study of active derby athletes to show the different body types of active skaters and the physical effects derby has on the players. This entry features skaters from The Prairieland Punishers. More pictures can be found at Cory's website. Get future updates on Facebook by following The Rollergirl Project.
From Left: DHARMANATRIX, Great Ghastly, Twerk Wench, Dropchick Murphy, Bambi Bloodlust and Executie

Age 36
Children 2
Height 5 Ft
Weight 180
Weight before derby 180
Started March 2012
Key Position Defensive Blocker
Practice time per week 5-7 hours
Other Workout P90x, Zumba Core, Arch Trainer, free weights, running, pylometrics
Diet Just high protein
Laps in 5 minutes 29 Laps in 5 minutes
Previous Athletic Experience Figure Skating,swim team, acrobatics, and volleyball,

Name Great Ghastly
Age 18
Children None
Height 5'7"
Weight 130
Weight before derby 125
Started July 2013
Key Position Offensive & Defensive Blocker
Practice time per week 5 to 6 hours
Other Workout Dance
Diet Vegetarian
Laps in 5 minutes 27 in 5 minutes
Previous Athletic Experience I've taken dance classes since I was eight.

IMG_1405 Name Twerk Wench
Age 24
Children None
Height 5'8"
Weight 150
Weight before derby 140
Started May 2013
Key Position Jammer & Defensive Blocker
Practice time per week 4-6 hrs
Other Workout Cardio, weights, yoga.
Diet None
Laps in 5 minutes 29 in 5 minutes
Previous Athletic Experience Soccer, ice hockey, rugby.

IMG_1389 Name Dropchick Murphy
Age 18
Children Only fur babies!
Height 5' 10.5”
Weight 199
Weight before derby 215
Started April 2013
Key Position Offensive & Defensive Blocker
Practice time per week 5-6 hours during the winter, sometimes more in the summer
Other Workout I go to the gym at least 4 days a week and do a lot of biking, core work, and weight lifting. I skate outside as often as I can (weather permitting!). I also enjoy skating around my house! There is a long, enclosed patio out back that I love to practice jumps and spins on. I play baseball during the summer which helps to keep me moving outside of practice and the gym. I also do a lot of stretching in my down time; it's both relaxing and does wonders for my flexibility!
Diet Not really...I eat pretty much anything (within reason, that is), but I always make sure to watch for serving sizes. I am a sucker for salty snacks, but I try to keep those cravings under wraps (I NEVER keep chips in the house).
Laps in 5 minutes 27 in 4min 55sec
Previous Athletic Experience Throughout my school career I have participated in softball, basketball, volleyball, track, field, cross country running, inline skating, soccer, and baseball.

IMG_1282 Name Bambi Bloodlust
Age 25
Children None
Height 5' 3"
Weight 110
Weight before derby 105
Started October 2011
Key Position Jammer
Practice time per week Between playing for the Punishers and Coaching the Hooligans, between 8 and 11 hours depending on time of the season.
Other Workout I do a lot of aggressive rollerskating in skateparks, trail skating, yoga, and some weight training. I'm always changing up my routine! I love home workouts like T-25 and Booty Quake's Roller Derby Athletics videos.
Diet I've been a vegetarian for 10 years. I focus on eating clean whole foods as much as possible and I'm a huge fan of nutrition packed smoothies. But, everyone who knows me knows I have a huge love for pizza!
Laps in 5 minutes 34.5 Laps in 5 minutes
Previous Athletic Experience Roller Derby is the first team sport I've ever seriously played. In high school I was hardcore into show choir and theatre so dance was my only athletic endeavor. Before I found derby I was doing a lot of zumba and pilates.

IMG_1453 Name Executie
Age 32
Children None
Height 5 Ft
Weight 155
Weight before derby 160
Started July 2012
Key Position Defensive Blocker
Practice time per week 6 Hours
Other Workout Cycling
Strength training
Swimming in the summer
Diet For medical reasons
nothing too high in fat or fiber.
No Nuts
Laps in 5 minutes 27.5 in 4:58
Previous Athletic Experience Soccer for 15 years
Basketball for 1 season because they didn't have soccer


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