Monday, November 18, 2013

Body By Derby: South Bend Roller Derby

Body By Derby is a figure study of active derby athletes to show the different body types of active skaters and the physical effects derby has on the players. This entry features skaters from South Bend Roller Girls. More pictures can be found at Cory's website. Get future updates on Facebook by following ClayMan Photography.

From Left:  Ginger Snapped, Hot Messling, Poison Maivy, Alotta Pushie, Slays, Meradactyl, and Candiland Massacre

IMG_8715 Name Ginger Snapped
Age 25
Children None
Height 5’2”
Weight 125
Weight before derby 135
Started March 2010
Key Position Offensive & Defensive Blocker
Practice time per week 6 hrs. +
Other Workout Outdoor skating
Diet The college student diet - fast food, ramen noodles & cooking/preparing single-person meals
Laps in 5 minutes 32 laps in 5 min
Previous Athletic Experience Track in middle school! So, none really

IMG_8616 Name Hot Messling
Age 28
Children None of my own, however my man's got a liter of 5 & they are tremendously important to me :)
Height 5'6"
Weight 130
Weight before derby 125
Started January '13
Key Position Defensive Blocker
Practice time per week 6
Other Workout I don't go to the gym or workout super regular but I am really active and enjoy hobbies that are pretty physical, I get a good workout doing a lot that way! I love cycling, I could ride for hours. I try to kayak at least once a week when weather permits. When it doesn't I bust out the snowboard and hit the hills! For extracurricular, I work on arm and core strength and do a lot of yoga at home.
Diet I try to eat healthy, lots of fruits and veggies and try to consume as little junk as possible...but I do not limit myself, I love food!
Laps in 5 minutes 29 laps in 5 minutes
Previous Athletic Experience In my earlier years I was very involved in school sports, I dabbled in almost all of them, primarily focused on tennis and volleyball. In the last few years I've been on several inter mural volleyball teams and done a lot of cycling and tons of snowboarding.

IMG_8638 Name Poison Maivy
Age 23
Children None
Height 5' 10"
Weight 148
Weight before derby I don't even know! 155 maybe?
Started January 2012
Key Position Jammer
Practice time per week 6 hrs
Other Workout Yes, I really like being active. I swim, run, bicycle, lift weights, do random classes at the gym and do yoga.
Diet I don't follow a diet for derby specifically. But, I am a vegetarian and dabbling in veganism.
Laps in 5 minutes 32 in 5
Previous Athletic Experience I've always been athletic. I did all the sports possible as a kid and then focused in on swimming, x country and track.

IMG_8525 Name Alotta Pushie
Age 29
Children None
Height 5'3''
Weight 149
Weight before derby 145
Started October 2010
Key Position Jammer
Practice time per week 6 or more
Other Workout swimming, biking, yoga, farm work!
Diet I don't particularly follow any diet, though most would say I am a "healthy eater."
Laps in 5 minutes record: 32.5 laps
Previous Athletic Experience swimming, cross country, softball, weights

IMG_8728 Name Slays
Age 31
Children None
Height 5'8"
Weight 158
Weight before derby 145
Started January 2011
Key Position Offensive & Defensive Blocker
Practice time per week 4-6 hours
Other Workout Yoga, Bike, Core
Diet I avoid processed and foods rich in sugar & I'm gluten free
Laps in 5 minutes 29 laps
Previous Athletic Experience Softball, swimming, basketball

IMG_8647 Name Meradactyl
Age 26
Children None
Height 5'2''
Weight 127
Weight before derby 165
Started 2010
Key Position Offensive Blocker
Practice time per week 6 hrs
Other Workout P90X, Bicycling, Longboarding, Hiking, Plyo, a lot of yoga, even wall squats at work while waiting for the fax machine! I try to stay as active as possible from when I wake up until I hit the pillow at night.
Diet I try to eat healthy as much as I can. I like to (and even crave) local farmers market produce and try to incorporate that into my diet. I try to keep all my plates colorful and chalk full of veggies, fruits, and every once and a while an occasional treat. For the most part I refrain from meat and processed foods. My motto is if you eat light and healthy than you feel light and healthy as well!
Laps in 5 minutes 31.5 laps!
Previous Athletic Experience I trained for many years in classical ballet, jazz, modern, and hip hop. I additionally played soccer and was heavily involved with the dance team in high school.

IMG_8548 Name Candiland Massacre
Age 28
Children 2
Height 5' 3”
Weight 120
Weight before derby 110
Started September 2010
Key Position Jammer
Practice time per week 6 hours
Other Workout I do some jam skating occasionally. I also do lots of core work, plyo's, and upper body.
Diet Not really. I do try and eat 6 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones.
Laps in 5 minutes 35 laps is my record high.
Previous Athletic Experience I played some sports in middle school. But nothing for quite some time before derby. I however grew up roller skating and have skated since I could walk.


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