Tuesday, September 29, 2015


When control is lost and skates leave the ground, gravity takes over, leaving a skater in a moment which may go on forever.  A split-second later, the body splashes onto the cold concrete followed by a moment of reflection on how bad it hurt even as the adrenaline levels surge, screaming at the skater to get up and get back in the game.  These images are about those moments of flying and landing.

Gravity was created in collaboration with Fynch, a very talented rigger who was introduced to roller derby just a couple months earlier.  Her skill and artistry using rope to pose these skaters captured these moments perfectly.  This set was also made possible by the generous support of aerial artist (and retired skater) Sue Rall.  Thank you both for your support and contributions.

Additional photos can be found at ClayMan Photography on Flickr. 



























































  1. Good riggers are some of the most talented and unappreciated artists out there. This needs to be a traveling studio exhibit. Outstanding.

    1. Absolutely! Seven of the nine people had never been tied before, let alone suspended. So, Fynch had her work cut out for her and she did excellent in coaching and working with them. She was the real hero of the day.

      Plus, Fynch is not a derby person! Before getting involved with this, she'd never even seen a game before. How awesome is that?

  2. Outrageously awesome